04. December 2020 | AllProductTransfer

10 Reasons Why the eChiller120 Is Ideal for Industrial Cooling

The refrigeration industry is an inconspicuous but significant contributor to the greatest challenges of our time: climate change, environment protection, legal compliance and safety for humans and animals. What can industrial process cooling in particular do to counteract this?

One of the main reasons for the negative impact of refrigeration is outdated technologies and refrigerants, which cause massive damage to the climate. With the eChiller120, you can rid yourself of these legacy chemicals and benefit from innovative technology for highly effective cooling processes.

The cooling of your production processes can now easily be done using natural refrigerants. In addition, the use of natural refrigerants also enables extreme energy savings. The eChiller120 offers a future-oriented, field-tested solution for this. It now responds even better to the special requirements of process cooling than conventional liquid chillers.

Read our blog post to find out the ten reasons why an eChiller120 is worthwhile for industrial application!

1. The eChiller120 offers a reduced CO2 footprint and low electricity costs in one

With the eChiller120, users can achieve energy cost savings of up to 82%, thereby massively reducing CO2 emissions. The high energy efficiency is due to the low pressure stroke from the evaporator side to the condensation side of max. 55 mbar.

eChiller120 Benefits

2. The eChiller120 for process cooling is eligible for subsidies

In Germany, you can apply for a refund of up to 30% of the investment total (*depending on optional equipment and hydraulic systems). Please have a look at the information on BAFA subsidies on our website.

3. The eChiller120 helps to minimise costs in industrial cooling

Due to less maintenance, high energy efficiency and a free cooling option, electricity and operating costs can be greatly reduced compared to conventional cooling systems.

4. You save time and work thanks to low maintenance

The compressor of the new eChiller120 is almost maintenance-free! Occasional maintenance can be carried out by a service technician without the need for F-gas certification.

5. The eChiller120 provides you with extremely accurate temperatures

Due to the control accuracy of the eChiller and the coordinated internal hydraulics, you can achieve accurate cold water supply temperatures with tolerances of <+/-0.5K.

eChiller120 Cold Water

6. Place the eChiller120 where it suits you

As long as it is frost-free, the eChiller120 can be placed anywhere. No separate machine room is required.

7. The eChiller120 is powerful and modular

The liquid chiller developed by Efficient Energy delivers a cooling capacity of up to 120 kW and can be modularly scaled up to 500 kW cooling capacity.

8. The eChiller120 is efficient and safe thanks to adiabatic

The adiabatic re-cooling, which is only used at certain points, guarantees highly efficient and safe operation.

9. The eChiller120 is compatible with existing re-cooling systems

Instead of using an adiabatic re-cooler, the eChiller120 can also be connected to an existing re-cooling system. In this case, only the specified maximum re-cooling temperatures have to be observed.

10. The refrigerant water (R718) is 100% sustainable and future-proof

Water is environmentally friendly, can be used as softened tap water without additional additives and is also completely harmless when used.

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Conclusion: The eChiller120 overcomes many of the challenges of industrial process cooling

This new development with water as a refrigerant meets the special requirements of high-performance process cooling. Water is cheap, widely available, maintenance-free, harmless to health and extremely environmentally friendly. Thanks to Bluezero® Technology, it can now be optimally used for the industrial cooling of the future. For process cooling, this means we are a pioneer on the way to a future with climate-friendly, economical and tailor-made cooling technology.

Would you like to learn more about the process cooling of tomorrow? In our free white paper on industrial cooling, we tell you everything you need to know about sustainability, legislation and innovation in process cooling.