15. December 2020 | AllProductTransfer

eChiller120 in the Making: Insights From Developing the Equipment and Control System

In our series ‘eChiller120 in the Making’, we follow the new eChiller120 through its development process and talk directly to its developers. What were the different phases, challenges and successes of working on this ambitious project, which sets completely new standards in the refrigeration industry thanks to innovative refrigeration technology?

The eChiller120 does not just play a pioneering role due to its energy efficiency and the refrigerant used. Efficient Energy will also make the natural refrigerant water available for industrial process cooling, machine cooling and the cooling of technical equipment with significantly higher performance. This will enable sustainable, safe and energy-efficient cooling for a wide range of applications.

This time we speak to Lennart Thomsen, who works for us in the development of the systems and control and was involved in the new development of the eChiller120.

Since when and how have you been involved in the development of the eChiller120?

I initially got involved in the eChiller120 during the concept phase, but for about half a year now the focus has been on developing and programming the machine control system, which runs on a programmable logic controller.

What was the biggest challenge for you during this time?

During the development of the machine control system, we paid great attention to reusability for future product generations. This resulted in an increased need for coordination and required a lot of effort to design functions that could be parameterised and encapsulated in a variety of ways.

Find out everything about the features and options of the new eChiller120 in our video on YouTube

What made working on this project so exciting for you?

Since we were able to transfer many of the insights gained regarding the system behaviour of the eChiller35/45 from previous years – and thanks to the further development of process technology – it was possible for us to cleanly separate the functions that were to be mapped and implement ideas that had been dormant for some time.

Furthermore, with the control we are creating a basis for future product developments, meaning that the result of our work represents added value in the long term as well.

What was your greatest sense of achievement while developing the eChiller120?

The days when the machine control system, previously written primarily on my laptop, is put into operation are usually the most exciting – and often the most beautiful. That was also the case this time!


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