28. October 2020 | AllProductTransfer

eChiller120 in the Making: Insights From Mechanical Development Operations

In our series ‘eChiller120 in the Making’, we guide you through the development process of the new eChiller120 by talking directly to the developers. What were the different phases, challenges and successes of working on this ambitious project, which sets completely new standards in the refrigeration industry thanks to innovative refrigeration technology?

The eChiller120 does not only play a pioneering role due to its energy efficiency and the refrigerant it uses. With significantly higher performance, Efficient Energy wants to make the natural refrigerant water available for industrial process cooling, machine cooling and the cooling of technical equipment. This should enable sustainable, safe and energy-efficient cooling for a wide range of applications.

How and since when have you been involved in the development of the eChiller120?

My name is Adrian Zajac and I’ve been working on the mechanical development of the turbocompressor for the eChiller120 since the beginning of 2018. This has included preparing and evaluating the concepts for all mechanical components, designing and simulating the rotor dynamics, and the structural-mechanical simulation of the compressor components.

What was the biggest challenge you encountered during this time?

Our schedule was very tight from the beginning. The biggest challenge during this time was definitely the enormous speed of development at which the project was processed.

What made working on this project so exciting for you?

What was particularly exciting about this project was that we developed the compressor from scratch.

What was your greatest sense of achievement during your development work on the eChiller120?

We started on an entirely unchartered territory about two years ago and then, in less than 12 months, developed a compressor class never seen before at Efficient Energy. With the help of our colleagues in purchasing, incoming goods and prototype building, we were able to set it up and put it into operation quickly.

What makes us particularly proud is that the first prototype has already completely fulfilled its thermodynamic and mechanical requirements.

The new eChiller class is more application-optimised than ever before. Read this blog to find out how you can cool in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner by using the eChiller120.

Can you sum up your development work in one sentence?

I can best describe the attitude to our task and the reason for our success with the following sentence: “Look at the job before you with a clear and open mind and you will find the best solution.”


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