02. October 2020 | AllProductTransfer

Future-Proof and Sustainable: Clean Cooling with the eChiller120

Whether for buildings, machines, processes or entire industries: conventional chillers generate an alarmingly high amount of CO2 emissions. Due to the rapidly increasing demand for cooling across the globe, this problem is becoming even greater. A dangerous trend, that’s for sure!

Global legislation has already reacted to this dilemma, with the Kigali Amendment heralding the beginning of the end of climate-damaging cooling. In Germany and the EU, the F-gas Regulation governs who may cool, with what, how much and until when. Lots of users are now asking themselves whether there’s a solution that makes it possible to cool in a safe, permanent, legally compliant and sustainable manner.

The new eChiller120 was developed as a response to exactly this question. Learn how the new eChiller120 sets new standards in sustainable cooling with innovative technology and water as a refrigerant.

Energy-Efficient Bluezero Technology Reduces CO2 Emissions

The secret lies in the innovative refrigeration technology of the new eChiller120. Currently, the majority of CO2 emissions are still caused by the poor energy efficiency of conventional chillers.

The eChiller120 has taken up this challenge. The combination of Bluezero technology and sophisticated internal hydraulic circuitry reduces power consumption to a minimum. This way, depending on the internal heat load and the outside temperature, you only operate those system components that are necessary for the required cooling capacity.

For you as a user company, this not only means significantly lower CO2 emissions for the energy required for cooling, but also energy cost savings of up to 82 percent!

Water as a Refrigerant: No CO2 Emissions During Leaks and Guaranteed Investment Security

Innovative refrigeration technology is (more than) half the battle when it comes to successfully reducing CO2 emissions. However, truly future-oriented sustainable cooling can only be achieved by using the right refrigerant. For example, a survey of various European supermarket chains shows that refrigerant leaks alone account for a whopping 15-39% of total emissions.

Not so with water! Using water as a refrigerant is completely harmless to the climate and environment, even if it escapes. Not only is it available everywhere; it also doesn’t pose any danger to humans and will always be legally compliant. This is why we chose it to be the refrigerant of the new eChiller120!

By the way, with water you are not dependent on current and future requirements and standards for synthetic refrigerants and you avoid controversies about topics such as the environmental sustainability of low GWP or the illegal smuggling of F-gases.

The eChiller120 Is a Sustainable Investment in the Future

The eChiller120 was developed with the future in mind. The new chiller builds on the success of the energy-efficient Bluezero Technology with the natural refrigerant water. In many ways, water is already the ideal refrigerant. It is now also possible to use it optimally for process cooling, machine cooling and technical air conditioning. With the new eChiller120, we have achieved our goal of offering sustainable cooling for more applications, higher performance and lower temperatures.

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