18. December 2020 | AllMarket & trendsTransfer

Why Water as a Refrigerant Is the Key to Efficient, Sustainable Machine Cooling

Machine cooling is a demanding area in the refrigeration industry. Low-risk, legally-compliant and up-to-date operation is of paramount importance for users in machine cooling.

This makes it all the more crucial to use a refrigerant that covers as many of these requirements as possible. Whether environmental attributes, safety factors or energy efficiency, machine cooling is in urgent need of a new refrigerant in order to achieve operational safety and sustainability.

Did you know that the smuggling of synthetic refrigerants already causes extreme price fluctuations and a lack of availability?

Thanks to innovative technology, natural refrigerants now offer ideal cooling solutions for users in machine cooling. Subsidised, safe clean cooling with natural refrigerants consistently achieves sustainable cooling.

Clean cooling addresses the specific needs of machine cooling with the refrigerant water as the basis. In this blog post, you will learn why the natural refrigerant water is ideally suited for the machine cooling of the future.

Clean Cooling Machine Cooling

– Water is considered 100% sustainable and future-proof

Water is environmentally friendly, can be used as untreated tap water and is completely safe to use.

– Water is an available and harmless resource

Water does not cause any damage, guarantees safe handling and is independent of price fluctuations on the refrigerant market.

– Water has no greenhouse or ozone depletion potential

The water used for clean cooling is characterised by 0% direct CO2 emissions and 100% sustainable cooling. The water-powered eChiller120 is both climate and environmentally friendly.

– Water is safe and clean to use

Water is non-toxic, non-flammable and absolutely harmless. It allows extremely quiet, lubricant-free operation without oil residues in the refrigerant.

– Water has the most substance-specific advantages

Ammonia [R717] is toxic, propane [R290] is flammable and CO2 [R744] works at high operating pressures of up to 135 bar. This makes water [R718] the safest refrigerant.

– Water is and will remain compliant with the law

The phase-down does not apply to natural refrigerants. In addition, standards on fire protection and operational safety (e.g. EN378) do not apply to water.

In our free white paper entitled Clean Cooling for Machines and Production: Energy Efficient, Legally Compliant and Sustainable, you will learn how to implement sustainability as part of safe, cost-efficient, natural and high-performance machine cooling.